Snap, crackle, electro-pop

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Dragonette are a lively foursome currently electrifying audiences with they’re infectious brand of synth-pop and supersonic lyrics. Having worked with the varied likes of Cyndi Lauper (who co-wrote and produced some of their debut album ‘Fixin’ To Thrill’), Basement Jaxx (frontwoman Martina Sorbara provided vocals on Jaxx single ‘Take Me Back To Your House’), and Martin Solveig (who features on cool album cut ‘Boys & Girls’), the outfit are set to take the music world by storm. “Hopefully this inclined trajectory we’re on stays like this,” pleas Sorbara, “because it feels really, really good.” As for the band’s name: “I used to call my iPod ‘Dragonette’ for some strange reason,” tells Sorbara, who likes idea that the word can be broken down into “several sexier ones like drag and net”. Set to play Stereosonic Festival in late November and early December, the 30-year-old electro-diva is aching to reach our sunny shores: “Were gonna kind of flesh out the show differently, give it a real summer feel, and it’s gonna be fun.” Rest assured.