Take a trip down memory lane… literally

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When one thinks of Navman, we think of the handy little device in our car that tells us precisely when to turn left, right, or around. It may be dependable, and it may never abandon us – even when we’re completely lost – but the Navman has never been romantic until now.

Developers of the satellite navigation product have come up with a creative way to romance your Valentine this year, using GPS to take users on a literal trip down memory lane. The journey involves finding places that have special meaning for the two of you. You can then leave clues relating to the next spot at each location, or even a little gift – if you want to go that extra mile.

If pre-planning is not your style, Navman can help you be spontaneous with over 600,000 points of interest such as restaurants, museums, picnic spots, and art galleries. The brand’s MY-Series even lets you search on Google or TrueLocal while on the go, so you get lost in the romance of it all, and not on the road.

More information at www.navman.com.au