Take the scenic route

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Tiring of the packed beaches of Fiji? Overwhelmed by the populous streets of Tokyo? Bored by the celebrity culture in the States? May we point you, then, in the direction of Aurora Expeditions and their new Russian Coast Voyages. Yes, it may sound like an odd direction to take. Trading bartenders and masseuses for expedition leaders and geologists, but the images alone are enough to convince us that perhaps we do need to step outside of our comfort zones. Offering a selection of adventures with enthralling names like ‘Secrets Of The White Sea’ and ‘Voyage To The End Of The Earth’, Aurora Expeditions take you on a journey through a new world of hauntingly beautiful scenery as they teach you a lesson in camaraderie and give you a peek into the entrancingly desolate destination that is the hidden face of Russia.

Feel free to see and hear for yourself at one of Aurora Expedition information nights, for more information visit www.auroraexpeditions.com/events