The house of good spirits

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Casa Noble Tequila is not made for slamming. Priced between $115 and $145 for a 750 ml bottle, the prestigious brand’s core line of ultra-premium tequilas include the Crystal, the 364-day-rested Reposado (it literally means rested, doncha know) and the Anejo, pictured, which is aged for two years in new French white oak barrels. These award-winning spirits are naturally fermented, triple distilled, contain no additives and are made from 100% Blue Agave which is organically produced and grown on a 1,500-acre private family estate. As well as possessing truly unique flavours and aromas, each Casa Noble Tequila is encased in a hand-blown glass decanter, adding an element of quality and refinement not popularly associated with the consumption of tequila – something that Casa Noble is quickly changing. The bottle is so beautifully designed, in fact, that since having savoured our last drop we’ve recyled it by filling it with water and keeping it in the fridge.