The world’s greatest skating in our own backyard

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Vans Bowl-a-Rama is approaching rapidly so you might want to get excited for the week-long series of shenanigans surrounding the titled skate competition. Unlike some amateur hour of grade-A substandard punks rolling around on a plank of wood, Vans Bowl-a-Rama showcases the skating world’s best right in the backyard of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The competitors pool consists of veterans and newbies alike, boasting world-famous names like Steve Caballero and Bucky Lasek as well as local celebrity skaters like Corbin Harris.

If the gravity-defying stunts which seem to be taunting the grim reaper doesn’t lure you in, we suggest you also go check out the supporting events like the Love & Guts Art Show, numerous live music performances, and of course the infamous wrap party brought to you by, well, Vans. Oh, and like all similar competitive events, throw-out freebies are a given, so get on down and elbow some kid in the face just to get a free t-shirt or other token item.

Bowl-a-Rama commences on Saturday 19th February at Bondi Beach Skate Park, with additional events from the 16th-20th February around the area. For more information on the event visit
Photography by Dave Pang.