Vintage by name but very, very new

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Off the bat, we would envisage a Kate Moss perfume to encapsulate aromatic ciggie butts, a dash of vodka, and the subtle undertones of premium cocaine, but – alas! – instead we have the creamy floral musk that is ‘Vintage Muse’. Brought to you by Frank Voelkl, who has bottled for Tommy Hilfiger, Dior and Anna Sui, Vintage Muse is Moss’ third crack at perfume after Kate by Kate Moss and Velvet Hour. The deliciously alluring scent is like a smorgasbord of fruits and flowers all calmed down with a bass tone of white musk. Appealing in a manner of timeless appreciation, similar to that of the muse herself, Vintage Muse is definitely a steal.

Kate Moss Vintage Muse is available at Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies RRP $30-$39.