When fashion draws bad attention

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Flying does no favours for the fashion-conscious, but enhanced security measures now mean we need to make more conscious wardrobe decisions when it comes to travelling.

Dressed in a bulky sweater and ankle-length skirt (that ought to have been considered a crime in itself) passenger Wendy Gigliotti was frisked this week at a US airport after security told her, “We can’t tell if there’s something under your skirt.” She felt she was manhandled in a manner more personal than a physical exam, and that her privacy had been intensely invaded.

Along with long skirts and baggy tops, other no-no’s in the US security book are metal studs and underwire bras. So we’re guessing highflyers who invested in the lovely gold-studded dress from Sass & Bide’s recent collection (pictured) are going to be very peeved off.

Says Susan Foster, author of ‘Smart Packing For Today’s Traveller’, “It’s difficult enough to fly right now so let’s be sensible about it [and] minimise the hassle.” Meanwhile intensive screenings continue to outrage the public, leaving some to wonder if the more efficient thing to do would be showing up to the airport half-naked instead. Well if it works for Gaga…

Photography by Amanda Fordyce