Wine label gets street smart

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Just thinking in generalisations we would never imagine to pair a vineyard with urban lifestyle and culture. It’s kind of like popcorn and icecream – at first it seems like a foreign match but low and behold, together, it’s friggin marvellous. This is the ethos Longview Vineyards has tapped into with their upcoming event Krush Klinic, an event celebrating all things urban from street art and DJ-ing to break dancing. The major drawcard will be a competition where four renowned street artists – Stone, Vans, Fredrock and Stoop – battle it out all day to have the winner’s work of art become the label for a Longview beverage. We doubt that the free event is a bid to make older wine drinkers youth-educated, but will guess the main aim is to steer a younger market toward the good vino. Whatever the case, it should be an amazing day to get submersed in some excellent street talent.

Longviews Krush Klinic is a free event taking place on January 30th at Longview Vineyard, Pound Road, Macclesfield, South Australia.