You’ve got tickets on yourself…

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How lame is it when an event is sold out, so you head to eBay and of course some annoying freak is sitting at home charging ludicrous prices for said event. Well freaks no more! is the cyber savior love child of eBay and Facebook, offering members the ability to list tickets to concerts, theatre, festivals, sports events, fashion shows, special film screenings, whatever, but the kicker is that if the ticket holder doesn’t want to actually sell his or her ticket, they can offer a challenge as opposed to a price, for example “I’ll give you this ticket is you drive me to the venue” or “You can have this ticket if you mow my lawn”. We love it already.

The site only supports tickets that are at cost or below (depends on how much you value your mowing skills) so inflated prices will be history and the social networking factor is an added perk allowing you to mingle with like-minded event goers. will launch on December 20th.
Registration is now open.