Zac Posen

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Z by Zac Posen was the designer’s lower-priced debut line on the runway. Though he said backstage that it was just meant to be “fashion-tainment” and that he simply “wanted to create a dialogue with bloggers and fans”, perhaps he went a little too far with the whimsy, and certainly over-the-top with the colour. Forget the Elton John-style spectacles some of the models were wearing, we needed dark shades just to avoid the glare of all that neon orange, fluoro yellow and vivid green splashed variously over loose blouses. Occasionally Posen paired things back – a smart denim skirt here or lean black cotton suit there – but for the most part, this collection was way too gaudy and cartoonish to be taken seriously. A little like the absurdity of Australian designer Romance Is Born’s last statement at Australian Fashion Week 2010. Fashion can be fun, kids, but not to the detriment of the ultimate potential wearer.

Photography by Amanda Fordyce