Art vs. Science have been busy little bees

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Legend has it that Art vs. Science formed in the moment when its three members were moshing away at a concert of none other that Daft Punk. It’s not hard to see how such an icon electronic dance group has influenced this Sydney based trio. ‘The Experiment’ is the trio’s first full-length album following their hit 2009 EP. The debut is true to Art vs. Science’s original style of hardcore and thunderous electronic beat-pop even if recent single ‘Finally See Our Way’ was more serious bubbling poetry than the thunder and humour they embraced in ‘Parlez Vous Francais?’. Still, it’s not a bad tune. Standout tracks include ‘Take A Look A Look At Your Face’ that brings early style Crystal Method to mind, and ‘With Thoughts’ whose buzzing synths make way for a loved-up chorus. Speaking of buzzing, we’re not sure what’s with all the killer bees in the sleeve art, but we like it so much we’re showing you a lovely montage of it above.

‘The Experiment’ is out through Waterfront Records.