Bowl-a-rama bowls the crowds over

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A few weekends ago, Sydney’s Bondi Beach played host to the annual Vans Bowl-a-rama. For those unfamiliar with the prior write-up on the event online, Bowl-a-rama is a skate competition which brings professional skating grade-A meat to our shores.

Now this is a time when Bondi and its inhabitants flourish. Everyone decides to don a skateboard accessory claiming they’re a bowl local (despite the uncanny new crispness of said board), Beach Road Hotel report record sales in cider, and little groms run around pepped up on free Mountain Dew.

While the actual big comp day was on Saturday 19th February, leading up was a convoy of events encompassing music and art, all of course lubricated by alcohol consumption. Every evening, the Beach Road would play host to an assortment of apparent events, but to be honest, upon recollection differing each night became a chore, not due to drinking in mass but rather the similarity. Been to one hipster party, been to them all.

Ultimately, the actual day was kinda cool. Who are we kidding? It was mind-blowing. Gravity-defying. Gasp-inducing. Holy bonanza, it was epic. The crowd of 8000+ was eating it up, going wild, getting feral, generally just vibing off the charismatic MC Sergie Ventura and his constant energy. The jumbo screen installation showing the live feed also helped draw crowds as opposed to the past years rough-and-tumble effort for a viewing of the action. It was also the first time since Bowl-a-rama’s birth seven years ago that fans have been able to enjoy the day from the comfort of their home via live broadcasting on the net and television.

As for the final results, powerhouse young gun Pedro Barros took out the Opens Division second year running, pocketing himself $15,000 (not bad for a 15-year-old, some might say). Second belonged to Rune Glifberg, an underdog who was so stoked with his placing that he was close to speechless. Bucky Lasek claimed third thanks to his smooth sailing, and Bob Burnquist fourth.
Burnquist was a popular to take out the event; instead he settled for best trick of the comp – switch/frontside/heelflip/frontside/air. A lot of words, a lot of talent to pull it off. Head to youtube for the visual equivalent.

In the meantime, get ready for next year’s shenanigans… it’s not been dubbed the greatest concrete event in the southern hemisphere for nothing.