Don’t bottle up your feelings

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They’re small, they’re sleek, and they’re very arty. These stylish memory magnets designed by Kate Grenier for Kindred Gifts harbour text and images aimed to inspire by drawing upon visual imagery from everything from 1940s pinups to the more current, straightforward and bold in-your-face slogans. Made from discarded bottle tops, these socially responsible little guys would easily jazz up any fridge or surface they can stick too. Got a birthday invitation from your best friend? Stick it on the fridge as a reminder using your magnet that also reminds you to ‘Go wild!’. Did your ex send you a wedding invitation in a self deluded attempt of peace? Stick that one on your fridge with the magnet that says ‘Go jump in the lake!’. If only there was a way you could say what your magnet says so effortlessly… Whatever the reason, you’re sure to find a magnet to suit any occasion. Even if its’ just a triumphant reminder that ‘I love shoes’.

Set of six fridge magnets RRP$24.95.

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