Hitchcock coffee table book an instant collectors’ classic

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We all know the theme. The distorted, short, sharp and eerie notes that for decades made movie-goers the globe over peer over their shoulders each time they took a shower. ‘Psycho’, and indeed Alfred Hitchcock himself, have undoubtedly entered the collective imaginary popping up in everything from documentaries on iconic cinema to ‘The Simpsons’. Aside from the cameo appearances in his films, which Hitchcock was renowned for, he himself always seemed to be elusive of the public spotlight. That’s what makes ‘Alfred Hitchcock: The Complete Films’ by Paul Duncan such a fascinating book. Printed on large, almost A3, glossy stock, this hardcover tome from the legendary arts publishing house Taschen offers page after page of fabulous photography and film stills; from conventional movie posters of the day to never-before-seen behind-the-scenes images of the genius of suspense at work. The photos themselves stand alone as works of art as they are incredible glimpses into the energy, buzz and exuberance characteristic of an old Hollywood. This is definitely a book we can see the cult following of Hitchcock snapping up in seconds.