Jennifer Aniston switches from the typical rom-com formula… Not

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Rom-coms can be good value but there’s just something a little irritating about a genre of films all being produced via the same formula every single time. ‘The Switch’ is by no means an exception, which is strange, really, because it’s brought to you by the same people who made the rather wonderful ‘Juno’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

It features the obligatory kind-hearted neurotic guy, in this case Wally (played by Jason Bateman) whose character is juxtaposed with a motivated girl at a crossroads, Kassie (Jennifer Aniston). Then there’s the typical plot of orientation, complication and, of course, resolution.

The basic narrative revolves around 40-year-old Kassie whose biological clock’s batteries are running low, seeing her turn to artificial insemination rather than her BFF/subconscious male counterpart, Wally. Kassie hosts a Semen Party (yes, you read correctly) to celebrate the precious man juice that has been donated by stranger, Roland.

Seven years pass by when, gasp, we’re introduced to Sebastian (Bryce Robinson) aka: a miniature Wally, and the rest you can pretty much guess from here on.

The cast is charming enough but is completely overshadowed by young man Robinson whose adorable the-world-is-going-to-swallow-me-up persona steals every scene. Not bad, but not groundbreaking either, ‘The Switch’ is fair game for a rainy afternoon when you can’t really be bothered to read deeply into your flick-watching.

‘The Switch’ is available through Roadshow Entertainment from March 17.