Judges get high on green roof concept at recent Melbourne Design Awards

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Judgment day has come and gone. The victors are left standing triumphant, exultant, and celebrated. We’re referring, naturally, to the front runners of the Melbourne Design Awards 2011, where minds were blown and innovation given a new height.

A particular favourite was the Commercial Architecture winners, Bent Architecture, and their ‘Growing Up Green Roof’, pictured. Smack bang in the center of Melbourne CBD lays a green roof providing a space for escape, a space for contemplation, a space for social agendas, just a space to be.

Promoting environmental sustainability along with the social benefits of green roofs, the drought-resistant garden sets out to prove that these structures are not insurmountable and that the benefits and beauty far outweigh the construction challenges.

Eco elements in design, obviously, were high on the judges’ lists of criteria.

The ‘Growing Up Green Roof’ is located atop 131 Queen Street, Melbourne.
For the full list of category winner visit www.melbournedesignawards.com.au