Lilly hits another home run (comedian Chris Lilly, that is)

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Who could forget the spoilt little rich bitch Ja’mie, the “Puck you Miss!” of Jonah, or the slightly delusional antics of Mr G and his quest to turn the school gym into a theatre on par with the likes of an asylum on Broadway? Chris Lilly has an uncanny skill for character-based comedy and he’s finally back with his new series ‘Angry Boys’. The new series focuses on the parallel lives of identical twins Daniel and Nathan Sims from the small country town of Dunt (yes, the little buggers from ‘We Can Be Heroes’ are back); a fresh maternal-turned-mad-momager character, Jen Okazaki (quaint Japanese mother of three who turns out to be tyrannical when it comes to making her son a skateboarding champion); and hopeless wannabe rap artist, Smouse, complete with tragic face paint.

The show was filmed in various locations across Australia, Japan, and the USA, and a staggering 3,500 people were auditioned for roles so as to acquire the perfect look and attitude for the finely tuned comedy Lilly is famous for. It’s a notoriety that has led to ‘Angry Boys’ being co produced by US television giant, HBO, and already the program has been bought up big by the BBC, which is the first time an Australian series has achieved instant success on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously.

We’re waiting on the edge of our chintzes.

‘Angry Boys’ airs mid-2011 on ABC1. For a full eight-minute-long trailer click