Mardi Gras Party Wrap

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The main question of the night appeared to be ‘What time is Rhianna on?’ where even burly bouncers were overheard debating the ‘issue’ at hand. Alas, the ‘S&M’ singer didn’t show. Not on stage, that is, though rumour had it she was among the party crowd. Rumour also had it that George Michael was up for a good time, uhmming and aahing over whether to go on stage to perform. 

Performers that did follow through included Australian Idol graduate Alexis Jordan, ‘Dirty Talk’ singer Wynter Gordon, ex-Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer, and ex-Superjesus frontwoman Sarah Macleod. Then there was the fabulous fluoro midnight show fronted by the unstoppable Dallas Dellaforce. To a mashup of Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ (which tied in nicely with this year’s ‘Say Something’ theme) and Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, Dallas and her dancers put on a brilliant show – literally. It’s a pity the mash concept didn’t carry through into the various DJs’ sets; it would have spiced the night’s soundtrack up a little.

The DJ lineup was impressive, though, headed up by the likes of Calvin Harris and Frankie Knuckles, yet there was much talk amongst punters that many of the tunes spun were ‘too instrumental’, ‘repetitive’, ‘relentless’ even. Cream figures Mardi Gras should have made the most of all those great celebrity video snippets it flaunted in the lead-up to the event – from Ke$ha to Kylie – and that these could have been played on the big screen in the Royal Hall of Industries, possibly even over the top of much of those instrumental beats. And a message to Bob Downe, who was the main music spinner in The Forum, we still admire your camp repertoire, but next time please throw a little more Eighties into the mix because the Seventies are getting a little tired.

All up, it was a most colourful Mardi Gras with most of the guests dressing up and showing out, making the best statement they could on a celebratory night like this – a fashion one.

Pictured left to right, row by row: opening show performer on ‘drums’; Nick & Maria; Janine & Jacqui; Dallas Dellaforce channelling Gaga and Madonna; Mark & Ant; James & Charmaine; Jameela & Jovan; Sam, Amelia Airhead & Chris; Jay, Sarah & Wayde; marching boys Tadeuzs & Charles.