New Cut Copy album doesn’t quite cut the mustard

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We know a lot of fans will be upset but we’d have to say that the majority of the tracks on ‘Zonoscope’, the fourth album of Melbourne-based electro-pop outfit Cut Copy seem to fall short. ‘Take Me Over’ at least semi-resembles the zany and well-crafted masterpieces of some of previous hits ‘Hearts On Fire’ and ‘Saturday’, yet the album as a whole seems flat, repetitive and even, well, boring. It sounds like it could have easily been crafted on Apple’s GarageBand software the night before the record label’s set date for its completion; as if the guys had partied too much prior to the big exam. Audiences have grown accustomed to madcap beats, riffs and tones which appear sporadic, yet are cleverly placed to usher in the urge-dance like a crazy person. Unfortunately the only thing crazy here is the somewhat appropriately named track ‘Strange Nostalgia For The Future’. Strange, indeed, that such a well established band’s future offered us so little. Perhaps we should start practising our nostalgia for the band’s past.

‘Zonoscope’ is out through Modular / Universal Music.