An alphabet of excellent photographers

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Everyone from Warhol to Winogrand, Bischof to Bourdin, LaChapelle to Pierre et Gilles, and Mapplethorpe to Man Ray are extensively categorised, documented, and lavishly presented in ‘Photographers A-Z’, a coffee table tome that provides a complete overview of just about every important photographer of the 20th Century. The book prides itself on extensive information collected from other publications which in turn seek to illuminate the artists in question. Due to its comprehenisve photographic artists from places as broad as Europe and North America to Japan, China, Brazil and Africa, one can only consider this tell-all read to be the most valuable resource for anyone who wants to become expectedly acquainted with the influential photographers of the last one hundred years.

David LaChapelle: Madonna and Dragon, Hotel LaChapelle, New York (Gingko Press / Callaway) 1999, copyright Taschen GmbH


‘Photographers A-Z’ is published through Taschen.