Chasing Amy: interview with Amy Meredith’s Cameron Laing

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Australian pop/rock outfit Amy Meredith have enjoyed a whirlwind of success with their debut album ‘Restless’, released last year. Cream enjoys a tete-a-tete with the band’s guitarist, Cameron Laing, as he talks about an upcoming national tour, forthcoming new album, and a bit about fanatical female groupies. Interview by Andrew Filocamo


Amy Meredith has their ‘Restless’ tour coming up in May; but what are you boys up to right now?

The band’s been taking some time off from performing and we’ve been hanging out together busily writing for our new album that we’re trying to get out by October. Christian and Joel even flew over to New York and LA to meet up with some record producers there.

From what we’ve been told it looks like it’s going to be a big tour?

Yeah, we’re all set to play in about 20 locations. We’ll be visiting every capital city, except for Darwin, sadly. We will be pretty busy, but that’s how we like it.

So how does the writing process work for you guys? Does one of you lead, or do you all pitch in?

We all go down the coast to this farmhouse we have. It’s good to get away from it all and to be able to just focus on the music. We set up the computer and all of our musical gear just let the magic happen. But it’s Christian who writes most of our lyrics. 

What are the musical influences of the band?

I personally grew up listening to a lot of punk rock. I still do listen to a lot of bands like Blink 182 and stuff. The other boys all have different musical tastes, I won’t say who, but one of them is really into classical music.  Even though we’re all different, the music just seems to come together in the end.

Tell us about the music video for ‘Lying’. You’re all being assaulted by these stunning women? Must have been hard for you guys…

 I was the lucky guy who got to walk over the gauntlet of thumbtacks. 

Perhaps we should explain for readers who don’t know: you boys were meant to be on a Japanese game show right? It seemed like if you endured some rigorous pain then you got the girl?

Yeah basically. We all had some pain to endure. Except for Christian, all he had to endure was being caressed by a pretty girl with a feather. Lucky guy.

The thumb tacks you walked on seemed real. Did they hurt?

They actually were real! There was a bit of blood there afterwards but I could take it.

You guys appeared at the Australian Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. They have a pesky habit of sliming their guests with some real gooey looking green slime. Did you guys get slimed?

No, but I really wanted to. It looked so fun. We didn’t get slimed thanks to someone not wanting to ruin their hair… Christian, of course. We tried but he really likes his hair. (Laughs) We should have just dragged him up there or even surprised him with it.

You’re a group of five good-looking young guys travelling around the country. You must have a few groupies chasing you around? Have you had bras or other delicates thrown at you?

We do occasionally get the odd pair of panties thrown at us. I actually still have the first pair of underwear ever thrown at me in my top draw at home. (Laughs). I just picked em up and stuffed them in my bag. The girls can get a bit intense at times, but I enjoy it.

Do you have a girlfriend? I can imagine she’d get a tad jealous?

No, I don’t have one. A few of the other boys do. I just don’t have enough time, especially when you’re away a lot.  I’ve seen the way the other boys can get into arguments and stuff with their girlfriends becasue they’re away a lot. I don’t want that. Plus I have too much fun being single. I like being a free agent.


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