Hyundai’s new Veloster takes its cue from… a motorbike!

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When we first saw the TV advert for Hyundai’s i20, we knew one of the world’s greatest auto brands was cottoning on to what the Now Generation wanted: a nifty, attractive, affordable vehicle that would take us places. Indeed, ‘Going Places’ was the ad’s slogan, and its soundtrack an appropriate, buzzy little tune by The Ting Tings (‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’ – so as to continue with the on-the-go theme). Always a brand that challenges conventional thinking, Hyundai recently unveiled its new umbrella slogan: ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’, giving Australian media a sneak peek of its brand spanking new Veloster, a model which will be made available later in the year. The vehicle boasts the style of a coupe with the functionality of a hatchback, while taking its aesthetical cue from high performance sport motorcycles: all muscular wheel arches, wraparound headlights and taillights, dynamic rear design, and sturdy glass hatch, the glass itself connoting a strong helmet visor appearance.

Inside, the centre stack and controls resemble a sport bike fuel tank with air vents inspired by motorcycle tailpipes, and a floor console mirroring the seat of a motorbike. Modern metallic accents throughout are the perfect finish to the shiny rocker look of it all.

Best of all, the Veloster is not only easy on the eyes, but also on the wallet. The Gamma 1.6-litre direct injection (the engine) offers the driver a fuel advantage that would be silly not to consider in the current economic climate.  The engine also sports Hyundai’s dual clutch transmission (DCT), which combines the best of both worlds when it comes to manual vs automatic. DCT includes the fuel efficiency and sporty driving of a manual combined with the high comfort levels and smooth shift control of an auto, making this 3-door beauty a breakthrough in the small car field. As for the price of the car itself, we’ll let you know when we know.  

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