Kate Bush does some dandy cutting and pasting

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Leave it to Kate Bush to do something daring with her own music. The woman who often sees decades go by between album releases has broken her own unofficial rule, releasing – six years after 2005′s splendid ‘Ariel’ – ‘The Director’s Cut’, an album that revisits selected songs from her successful albums ‘The Sensual World’ and ‘The Red Shoes’. The artist has re-recorded some elements whilst keeping the core of each song intact – indeed making it something of a director’s cut, but in sound, not vision. A new version of ‘Deeper Understanding has just been released as a single this month, a song that although written 20 years ago, holds even more resonance in this digital age (the opening lyrics ‘As the people here grow colder, I turn to my computer, and spend my evenings with it like a friend’ are enough to make you wonder if Ms Bush was foreseeing our contemporary addiction to communication via digital means.
‘The Director’s Cut’ is out May 13 through EMI.
A brand spanking new Kate Bush album is also being worked on with no official release date.
To hear samples off the new album visit www.katebush.com.