Latest Triple J Hottest 100 DVD comes up trumps

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As far as compilation products go, the Triple J Hottest 100 discs are hot property. But with the forever growing technological world we live in, brands have to keep the consumers happy with bigger and better products. Cue in the ‘Triple J Hottest 100’ DVD. As music videos are becoming more and more advanced in perpetuating the message of the audio accompaniment, what better way to flog Australia’s best countdown via music video compilation. Volume 18 of the Hottest 100 has not only 45 music videos of the songs we loved throughout the past 12 months, but also a nifty juke box setting allowing the viewer to essentially create their own playlist to play on repeat, perfect for a party, or even the backdrop of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Up to you.

Triple J Hottest 100 DVD is out through ABC and Universal Music.