RIP Friendster (well…)

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A dimmer future ought to have been predicted when we first read the Friendster slogan of ‘Connecting Smiles’ back when the social networking site first went global in 2003. The site, which predated Facebook in the wars for our social currency by about a year, is calling it quits next month since its hipper contemporaries have hogged all the attention. Connecting smiles? What were those entrepreneurs thinking? Still, the site did manage to gain the honour of being one of the ‘Hottest Silicon Valley Companies’ in 2010 due to being able to boast 115 million registered users at the time. But a year is a long time on the world wide web, and the most remarkable things can happen, like losing tens of millions of users who probably got sore around the mouth from those big cheesy smiles after a while. Suffice to say, the folk at Friendster still boast a broad Asian market and have announced that they will be channeling their focus in a new guise to provide ‘entertainment and fun’ to existing users come May 31. So, basically, like Myspace but with hot cups of Milo all round. And somehow that puts a smile back on our face. Well, a sarcastic smirk, at the very least.