Selecting just the right hair removal treatment

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Ask anyone who has had laser treatment for the removal of hair, or IPL (ie: intense pulsed light) treatment, and he or she will likely tell you that they’re happy with their smoother skin, but wished the niggly follicles that keep coming back would ultimately disappear. IPL and laser treatments do a good job of getting rid of greater surfaces of body hair (eg: under the armpits and around the bikini area for women; around the shoulders and on the back for men) but they don’t really help when it comes to those smaller, hard-to-reach spots such as eyebrows, chin, and upper lip.

That’s where Selectif comes in. It’s the beauty industry’s first clinically-proven ultrasound-based hair removal solution that is safe, and free of side effects. Best of all, results are independent of hair colour and skin tone, allowing beauty professionals to treat a wide variety of clients. For example, if it’s only sparse follicles of light- or grey-coloured hair that you want removed, or if you desire a whole new shape of brow, a Selectif professional can take care of it with just a few brief appointments.

I used to have to go to a beautician once a month to have my eyebrows waxed, and although the job took mere minutes out of my day, just the fact that it was such a short yet regular procedure made it a pain to go to the trouble of monthly appointment-making. So I decided to give the Selectif treatment a try. The first thing I told my lovely beauty therapist Veronica (at Shape Clinic & MediSpa in Darlingurst) was: “Please don’t make me look too girlie”. I’m a brunette Italian Aussie guy, with a business to run, after all – not a hardcore drag queen.

After just three visits, I already noticed less brow hairs were growing back (Victoria and I agreed to only remove the lower follicles so as to ‘lighten’ the area between my eyebrows and eyes). Due to its precise, selective, and focused nature, the Selectif treatment provides for an extremely high level of accuracy. Basically, it’s like having your eyebrows tweezed with the added oomph of ultrasound rays to zap each unwanted follicle. The rays are channelled through each hair shaft, in the process transforming to thermal energy that superheats hair growth areas and inhibits re-growth. There was no sting that I couldn’t deal with (and, hey, what’s a little tickle for the sake of a little vanity?) and within six sessions, my brows were tamed and tapered just like I wanted them.

Each treatment was five weeks apart and, in between appointments, if I noticed strays starting to grow I was able to go to my beautician for normal waxing and tweezing. The great thing is, now that my Selectif course is complete, I hardly need to a salon for a brow wax, only occasionally needing to clip or tweeze the odd stray. It saves me dollars, and I no longer need to make boring monthly brow-waxing appointments.

So if that’s something you like the idea of, I’d suggest you select Selectif for you next minor hair-removal treatment.

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