Talking the walk

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It’s said that ‘all clubs and societies have their own vernacular, their own language so to speak, and every language has its own poetry’. With that in mind, the Clubs and Societies Poetry Project is a very interesting concept that explores the clubs and secret societies within Australia. The cryptic lingo used within these institutions, as well as the formalities and procedures, will then be turned into poetry for the attendees of the Sydney Writers Festival to enjoy. Kit Brookman will be investigating the Astronomical Society of NSW; Nick Keys will be chatting with the self-described digital artists, hackers and nerds of Dorkbot; Candy Royalle will be thrown head first into the raunchy world of Roller Derby; Jonathan Hill will divulge with the members of the drug rehabilitation center Club 2540; and Pip Smith will be hanging out at Wayside Chapel. The results of this innovative project will be available for all to hear at the Sydney Writers Festival on Saturday May 21st.

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