The 72-Hour Dockland Designer Challenge

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The Victorian Government is on fire this year with the ‘State of Design Festival’, especially after the most recent event announcement. Inspired by a similar event held in Bat-Yam, Israel, late last year, Melbourne will play host to the Landscape Urbanism 72 Hour Urban Action. While the name is quite a mouthful, the event is simple enough. In late July, 100 international and Australian architects, designers, craftspeople and artists will be selected to design and create 10 urban public spaces throughout the Melbourne Docklands area. Working within an extremely tight deadline, budget, and space, each team will work, sleep and eat in teams of 10, over three days and nights to ultimately encourage rapid change via human initiative and creativity. With the support of RMIT University, you can bet the sites are going to be innovative and mind-blowing. 

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