Yasmin Le Bon visiting down under for Fashion Week

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Yasmin Le Bon: the original ‘girl on film’, worked with the bee’s knees of photographers, modelled on the first covers of American and British ‘Elle’, graced the cover of ‘Vogue’ in a multitude of countries, was the past face of Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Missoni and Lagerfeld, amiably named ‘The Face of the Eighties’ and she’s coming down under. The international supermodel  happens to be best buds with Little Joe Women designer, Gail Elliott, which explains how they were able ship her over and secure her exclusively for the Little Joe Woman Love show this May at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. As a long time supporter of her friend’s designs, Le Bon and Cindy Crawford were actually what launched the brand, thanks to a picture of all three women wearing the first ever samples. It goes to show, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Speaking of which, we wonder if hubby and lead Duran Duran singer Simon will be coming along for the fashion ride? 


Yasmin Le Bon wears Little Joe Woman.

To view more of the label’s lovely pieces visit www.littlejoewoman.com.