A burgeoning respect for quality street art

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Graffiti historian Ket has compiled a collection of the most stimulating and downright awe-inspiring projects from around the world in a nifty little coffee table book called, well, ‘Street Art: the best urban art from around the world’. Although most of the works are from Brooklyn, some really amazing art has been canvassed from as far abroad as Berlin, London, Brazil, Prague and even South Africa.

A range of art forms are covered, from the legal works of street artists to the questionable legality (and courageously placed) works of good ol’ fashioned ‘graffiti bombers’. Seriously, we were amazed at how some of these guys can scale two storey buildings, take the time to draw up something startlingly beautiful, and then scoot on down, all without being caught by the fuzz! But hey, we’re glad they did. The book also takes the time to give a brief bio of some of the most prolific street artists like Banksy, Faith47, 1UP, Eltono and C215.

On the subject of street art, the next time you’re in Melbourne city, might we suggest you take some time out to enjoy a Melbourne Street Art Tour. Designed by street artists to give the best representation of the Melbourne underground art scene, the tour takes visitors through colourful spots like Hosier Lane, ACDC Lane, and the bustling Blender Studio where you might catch prominent artists like Drew Funk and HA-HA hard at work. Enjoy a drink with some of the artists, and get wrapped up in the knowledge of tour guide, Adrian Doyle, a dude who really knows his aerosols from his acrylics. Visit www.melbournestreettours.com.

Pictured mid-article: a mural sprucing up Hosier Lane, and below: Banksy’s signature rat from ‘Street Art: the best urban art from around the world’ is published through Michael O’Mara and available in good bookstores.