And you thought we were done with the runway?

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Though Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) is now long gone, Australia is far from done showing the rest of the world that we’re more than cute odd animals and hot lifeguards. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane is approaching and rearing its talented head in a bid to further show the country that Queensland is on the mend from the past horrendous months. Showcasing a selection of over 60 local, national and international designers involved in Queensland’s diverse fashion market, the festival is committed to also drive interest and sales for the city in a bid to recover. Ironically $1 from every ticket purchased will not go to a relief fund but instead to the AEIOU Foundation for children with autism – either way it’s helping out the community. The festival, being rather fresh, is not weighed down by an exclusivity akin to that of RAFW, so guests can expect to rub shoulders with celebrities and leading fashion folk.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2011 takes place from August 20 – 26.
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