Brilliant brainwashing

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Pop art collectors ought to be in ecstasy spotting this image. Mr Brainwash, the artist who had the pleasure of designing the packaging for Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ compilation (DVD, CD and MP3 artwork) is so keen at pilfering pop, he’s even opted to recycle some of his own art to create new collages. The latest from this genius pop deconstructionist goes under the name of ‘Juxtapose’ and features detail of said Maddie cover art, as well as stencilled portraits of Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy, Charlie Chaplin, Batman, and Albert Einstein. Consider it a Sgt Peppers for the disenchanted post-mod generation. Each of the limited edition large format (50” x 38”) seventeen-colour screen prints are on hand-torn archival art paper and hand-finished with paint, signed, numbered and even thumb-printed by the artist. And for a dude whom the cops were likely chasing after in his graffiti-spraying days, the thumb print is a pretty bold statement. Only 125 of these prints are available, at a well-rounded $1,000 each with a limit of one per person.  And whoops, they’ve just sold out.

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