Forever bound to celluloid

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Taschen’s ‘100 All-Time Favourite Movies’ details pretty much the entire history of quality cinema from black and white to colour, from silent to talkies, from the censoring of the 1920s to the robust images of the Noughties. Compiled by industry veteran, Jurgen Muller, the two-volume pack spans 1915 to 2000 and covers an array of genres: thriller, noir, comedy, drama, you name it. There’s the action of ‘Face Off’ in 1997, the sci-fi beginnings of ‘Metropolis’(1927) and films it later influenced like ‘Blade Runner’ (1982), the musical highs of ‘Cabaret’ (1972), and spooky foreign flicks like ‘Nosferatu’ (1922) balanced refreshingly with a little animation (Disney’s ‘Fantasia’, 1940). Not like other ‘all-time fave’ books, Taschen also offers a introduction to each century, explaining various breakthroughs in film at the time and why these movies all stand in a league of their own.


‘100 All-Time Favourite Movies’ is published through Taschen and available in good bookstores.

Pictured, below, Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis in ‘Some Like It Hot’ (1959).