Primary’s cool

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Is there any other designer that has perfected the art of minimalism like Marc Jacobs? Nay, we hear you say. We can always count on Mr Jacobs’ clothing and accessories to become classics seasons down the line, simply for their paired-back design, practical nature and potential to be dressed up or down, depending on where the mood takes us. This focus on a trio of important design factors – minimalist aesthetic, strong pragmatism and diversity – is evident, too, in the new Marc Jacobs Splash fragrance line. Inspired by three key cocktail ingredients, the limited edition line features splashes in Curacao, Cranberry and Ginger, so that when you line them up, they look the prettiest trio of cyan, magenta and yellow – the primary colours that make up colour printing (with a dash of black of course). The price tag is pretty minimal, too, at just $99 per 300ml bottle. Make a splash without wearing much.


Available from May 29 from selected David Jones stores nationally for a limited time only. So, yes, you best stock up.