Woolworths making us feel all warm and fuzzy

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It’s always nice to see big corporations take a step back for a second and think about how exactly they impact our environment. that’s exactly what those fresh food people at Woolworths have done with some new incentives that start from the bottom up. They’ve just released a new toilet paper brand based on research claiming that 76% of shoppers buy their toilet paper based on ‘look and feel’ rather than environmental friendliness (who are these other 24% of people?). With Woolworths claiming to have sold enough loo paper during the last financial year to reach the moon and back 15 times, it’s little wonder that they created this hybrid that apparently looks and feels like the good stuff, is soft and strong and is certified by PEFC – a non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable forest management.

The little critters that supple Woolworths with their produce are benefiting too with the announcement that they will no longer sell Yellowfin Tuna and Orange Roughy in all their stores in order to ease pressure on the dwindling species; and that there will be a greater effort to improve the living conditions and move to free range storage of animal stocks such as pigs, chickens and cows. That combined with an attempt to reduce their carbon emission, increase recycling, and donate excess fresh food to food relief charities – helping to address the underlying social problem of hunger in Australia – makes us want to say: on ya Woollies! 

For more information visit www.woolworths.com.au.