Court up in new technology

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Ever wondered what industry the iPad would infiltrate next? Bet you didn’t consider the court room. The all-conquering electronic tablet will be doing its darnedest to impress the judge in upcoming months. In a bold statement, two students of Victoria University, Noah Obradovic and Nussen Ainsworth, are championing the initiative that aims to see barristers transfer their cumbersome paperwork and points of reference to the iPad, claiming that any barrister not using it will be left behind and risk being “caught out at the bar and in their chambers”.

Obradovic and Ainsworth say that instead of barristers struggling around with giant luggage cases of paper work, all they really require is the one nifty device with three efficient apps installed: Note-taking software such as Penultimate; Tablet equivalents of PC document software such as iWork and Documents To Go; and last, but not least, Cloud technology software such as Dropbox .

The legal community has up until now been reluctant to adopt new technology in their processes for fears of poor security and the risks of hacking. The boys must have done something right with their pitch, though as they have been asked to present at the Law Institute of Victoria Conference. Only one question: we wonder if they’re on Apple’s pay-roll?