Each to their own: three new ‘phones’ from Sony Ericsson

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The problem with smartphones is they’re often over-ambitious. Pimping themselves out with the ‘best’ camera, the ‘fastest’ processor or the ‘sleekest’ body often leaves other aspects of the phone sacrificing their effectiveness. Take the models that seem to have all the film and video capabilities yet a crappy and slow internet connection. Or the ones that claim web browser speed yet don’t have a single game worth playing. Well Sony Ericsson have taken an ingenious step, paving the way of the future of smartphones. How did they do it, you ask? Well instead of all the bells and whistles in one model, three new phones in their new Xperia range each embody the best of the latest available. They’re known as the Xperia arc, Xperia PLAY and the Xperia neo.



The Xperia neo (pictured above) is catered towards users who revel in the art of cell phone film making. It boasts a 3.7 inch display that is amazingly bright and clear for a phone. It is even compatible with HDMI TVs, so you can plug it in and show your best work to your possibly reluctant family and friends. The Xperia arc (pictured top of article) features a Mobile BRAVIA engine, that is, the same engine used to drive Sony’s slick BRAVIA TV sets – so you just know the resolution is going to be stunning.



But the model we’re most excited about is the Xperia PLAY. It basically slides open to reveal what looks like a PlayStation controller (indeed the handset has been certified by PlayStation). Add that to the incredible graphics and it’s like walking around with a li’l gaming system in your hands. Deffs a must-have!