Nokia’s nifty new smartphones

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If you’re old enough to remember a time before iPhones, then you’ll remember when Nokia ruled the world of telefony. Being one of the first handsets to have a colour screen and with the addition of perhaps the best and most addictive game of all time – ‘Snake’, the brand definitely had it going on. Well step back other telcos, Nokia has two new phones on the block, and you know what, they look pretty darn impressive, and perform even more impressively.

First there’s the C7 (pictured top of article), or what you heavily addicted Facebook users might eventually call ‘the Social Smartphone’. Why you ask? You can now pretty much update your Facebook and Twitter statuses from the home screen at the exact same time. With heavy social networking integration, coupled with a ‘won’t bulge in your pockets’ design, this sleek and stylish little fella will actually make you look cool if you decide to sit in the corner at the party all night by yourself.

Then there’s the E7 (above), which is pretty much the Social Smartphone’s business counterpart. It’s got a whopping 4-inch touchscreen and slides open to reveal a QWERTY keypad. Loaded with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, the software allows busy folk to access and send important emails and word documents in a highly secure manner. From the very first push of the ‘on’ button, the user is given various media options. Emailing is immediately on the agenda and setting up an account is a cinch. The only three things we’d have to bitch about the E7 is that it’s rather heavy for a smartphone; its screen gets grubby easily; and the keys are a little small for our chunky fingers.

Oh, and we’re still trying to find ‘Snake’ on it, but are pretty confident it’ll be available in an app store.  


The Nokia C7 is available now for RRP $615.

The Nokia E7 is also now available for RRP $929.

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