One jewellery label you’re soon going to luv

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Since jewellery brands like Thomas Sabo, Nomination and Pandora hit shop shelves and e-stores, the trend for small, personally meaningful totems on necklaces and bracelets has exploded. But nowadays those global brands are looking a little too common and it’s not much fun seeing someone else at a party wearing the same tag as you.

One Luv is a jewellery label that injects a certain uniqueness back into charm and pendant wearing.  Origami birds, skeletal dinosaurs, mini harmonicas, even party balloon dogs; these are just a few of their more eccentric designs available, in gold, silver and or gun-metal black.

Our pick of a very awesome bunch are these ‘Just Like Music’ silver plated ear phones, also available in gold and inspired by Erick Sermon’s tribute to Marvin Gaye (“Music is my heart and soul, more precious than gold”). At 1cm x 3cm, they’re the exact size as the real thing.

Prices start from a very generous RRP$42.  Visit or to view the full collection.