Saving the planet one coffee at a time

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This is a photograph taken by one Melbourne office showing one day’s worth of discarded coffee cups alone. It’s nice to know, then, that reputable cafés, such as Milkd in North Perth, Maylands and (soon to be opened in) Subiaco, Perth, are offering their clientele the option to buy reusable cups emblazoned with its spunky logo and complete with heat-resistant band.

If you can’t get your mitts on a Milkd cup, perhaps you’d like to invest in one of these fab reusable cups designed by Melbourne-based collective, Hook Turn Industries. These sophisticated alternatives for holding your good brew are available in an array of office-worthy pastels or in copy-cat black, white or ‘latte brown’. RRP from $10.95.

Available from Old Love, Forrest Road, Subiaco.

For other stockists visit