Success is just a couple of hundred pages away… apparently

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Are you living a successful life? Do you have a clear vision? Do you like your job? Are your relationships thriving? If you answered NO, NO, NO, and NO to all these questions then – even though we’re not often pro self-help books – we suggest that you run out and buy ‘Authentic Success’ by Robert Holden. With nine other books of his already on shelves, let alone countless e-books and CD programs for corporate types who want to ‘go that extra mile’, Holden’s cred is intact. Oh, and he’s been on ‘Oprah’.

‘Authentic Success’ features chapters with titles like ‘The Self Principle’ and ‘The Success Contract’ but just when you think things are looking a bit too selfish, he goes and throws in ‘The Failure Of More’ and (our wanky favourite) ‘Be The Goal’. In all this, you’re sure to find something that floats your ‘my life is doomed’ boat. And, the author, states (although fails to specify who exactly) that “many artists, writers, entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide” use his teachings. Mind you, we’re left wondering that if it’s so easy to have a better life thanks to books like these, why the hell is a new title released every hour? 


‘Authentic Success’ is published through Hay House.