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His portfolio is studded with some of the strangest scenes to have graced cinema and television, from ‘The Elephant Man’ to ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Eraserhead’ to ‘Inland Empire’, but there’s more to director David Lynch that meets the (distorted) eye. The man is actually very much a humanitarian and he’s set up a charity, The David Lynch Foundation, to ensure that any child who wants to learn and practice transcendental meditation in order to improve health, reduce stress or improve academic outcomes, can do so. His TM program has been taken up by many American schools already, and the foundation even sets up scholarships for students.

This ‘consciousness-based’ approach to education might seem unrealistic to some, but the proof is in the pudding when results have shown homeless people, and even prisoners, benefit from Lynch’s TM practises. To help raise funds for the organisation, Lynch has roped in a few of his muso friends to contribute to a most excellent LP in ‘DLF Music: Music That Changes The World Volume 1’. Featured are original songs by Iggy Pop, Jakob Dylan (Bob’s son), Arrested Development, Peter Gabriel, Dave Stewart, Alanis Morissette, Ben Lee, Tom Waits, Moby and even ol’ Sixties hippy, Donovan. And that’s one impressive list!

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