A new Madonna album in the works, and there’s a Meat Loaf connection?

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If Madonna was waiting for the perfect moment to pounce back with a killer single, it ought to have been now. None of her female contemporaries – who have hogged the better part of cyberspace for the past three years – are delivering anything innovative or exciting at the moment. Gaga’s ‘Judas’ is trite verging on redundant; Adele’s voice is massive but she’s bland when it comes to real star factor; Rihanna’s not sure if she likes being abused by the big boys or not; and Beyoncé’s, well, just too busy being Beyoncé (well, alright, some bits of her new LP ‘4’ are okay).

Alas, while there’s no sign of even a new single from Madonna, the following Tweet was posted this week by her manager, Guy Oseary: “It’s official.. Madonna’s 1st day in the recording studio for the new album… Very exciting.. Happy 4th of july…”.

So that’s it? Nineteen words that use only 111 characters out of the allotted 140, presumably exercising a dumbed-down grammar with the aim of appealing to a dazed and confused YouTube/Twitter generation. Or something like that.

Oseary (and Madonna, for that matter) ought to have more faith in the fans. Followers will wait patiently for a new record, but just want it to be darn good. Alas, the pop queen can keep her crown only when she reaches deeply within (and we’re not talking a Kabbalah trip here) to write from a pit of rawness. No crap rap rip-offs. No relying on cheesy Eurovision-like riffs (although the name David Guetta is already being bandied about). And no sideway glances at Gaga, Rihanna, et al to see if she can copy any of the moves they’d pilfered from her in the first place.

No, Madonna should just be herself; write and record the way she’s always done best: on gut instinct. Heck, she’s got a stud-muffin for a boyfriend – who ought to bring back flashes of her buoyant ‘Burning Up’ days; a bevy of beautiful kids to find inspiration in the bug-eyes of; all the resources needed for expert production; and the beauty of online social networks at her fingertips to take care of the hype.

What we can tell you is that she’s in talks with Meat Loaf’s producer and songwriter, Jim Steinman, which ought to ensure a couple of epic tracks, and there is rumoured co-writing with her brother-in-law, Joe Henry, who helped pen the hits Jump and Don’t Tell Me. On that note, honey, take your time. We trust the final product is gonna blow those wannabes right out of the water.