Beauty and the bloggers

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It’s official – the bloggers are taking over. No longer shall you pay more for your favourite glossy than for the products it recommends. Nor shall your dreams of being Anna Wintour be restricted to repeat viewings of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (oh, alright then, we still love our glossies). Sydney is about to play host to the very first beauty blogging event in the country: the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend.

September 24th and 25th will see some 80 Aussie bloggers get together for some serious online content building, brand engagement and community growth.

The brainchild of Jacie Galphin ( and Kimberly Nissen (, the ABBW was borne out of sheer frustration at the disconnection between beauty blogs and brands. While anyone with a keen eye for a trend can start a beauty blog, it’s tough being the little guy (or girl) with no brand support. And vice versa: small brands rely on blogging power to build their reputation. Nissen explains, “It’s time we finally brought this group of creative, dynamic individuals together so that the community can learn from each other.”

If you’re itching to mix it with the best of the beauty blogosphere, get your neatly manicured fingers tapping at

Photography by Michelle Aboud. Styling by Rae Morris (using L’Oreal).