Google ain’t going to be there to save him when a grizzly bear strikes…

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They used to say men weren’t good at listening, and women weren’t good at reading maps. Now there’s a television show that tells us men are pretty bad in the cartography department, too. And, girls, don’t think your man will always get it right when it comes to changing a light globe, either. Indeed, judging by the pocket book (well, it’d fit in a toolkit pocket) ‘Manskills’, there are plenty of tasks that men in general need brushing up on.

From wine- and cheese-appreciating to how to handle a speeding car that’s suddenly lost its breaks, this nifty guide offers tips and tactics to turn any guy into a New Age Gourmand-come-Gregarious Handyman. Divided into neat chapters, a quick thumbing through the index will lead the adventurous fellow toward titles like ‘Shelter Savvy’ (from mouse-catching to tougher tool use), ‘Social Graces’ (eg:  How To Remove A Stain), ‘Epicurean Expertise’ (Sauté Like A Chef) and other alliterative umbrellas.

Life, as they say, is a long series of tests. The man who studies this little guide ought to pass a lot more of them. He may not listen, but let’s hope he’ll read a little.


‘Manskills’ is published through Creative Publishing International.