Grooving to Pulp, The Hives & The Kills at ‘On The Bright Side’

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Of all festivals, it would have to be the one with the biggest misnomer on the literal front, although definitely living up to its name metaphorically. ‘On The Bright Side’ was a happy affair hosted last weekend in Esplanade Park, Perth, that drew a keen crowd of pop/rock music lovers, despite it being colder than a witch’s titty out.

A host of credible pop and rock acts took to the stage, including ironic campsters The Hives (pictured above), noir groovers Modest Mouse, psychedelic darlings Tame Impala, electro shockers The Kills (pictured below), pretty popsters Foster The People, and of course veterans of Britpop, Pulp (top pic), with lead singer Jarvis Cocker posturing and pouting like the Nineties never ended.


Photography by Luke Barker and Janelle Celima.