Meryl plays another big-wig

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Meryl Streep is arguably the most successful actress in Hollywood. Nominated for 16 Oscars, of which she’s won three, and 24 Golden Globes, of which she’s won seven, perhaps no one is more suited to attempt to embody the most important and controversial female politician of recent history – Margaret Thatcher (Sorry Julia). Due out January 2012, ‘The Iron Lady’ is a biopic aimed at depicting the personal struggle of Thatcher when she was trying to become Britain’s first female Prime Minister.  It’s the latest in a string of political flicks that set out to personalise and humanise famous political struggles (think ‘Frost Nixon’ or the quite un-called for ‘Bush’ film). It seems that audiences love to peer behind the curtain, albeit several decades later, to see what ‘really went on’.

‘The Iron Lady’ will claim that Thatcher had to deal with steep chauvinism during her rise to power in a male-dominated political landscape. You would think this as the standard and acceptable perspective Hollywood would take on the film, yet apparently Thatcher’s real family are quite upset at what they call Liberal Hollywood’s left-wing take on the famous right-wing leader. Unsurprisingly the Brits are abuzz at the moment with furious conversations on what the film should, could, and will be. It’s safe to say that we Aussies are simply excited to see Meryl do her ever-so talented thespian thing.   

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