New Australian film points toward horror

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Since the successes of ‘Wolf Creek’ and the ‘Saw’ franchise, the horror/thriller genre in Australian cinema has reached sufficiently respectable status. Now comes a supernatural college-campus murder mystery, ‘Needle’, filmed entirely in Western Australia and starring various thespians you may have seen in ‘Packed To The Rafters’, ‘Daybreakers’ and the aforementioned ‘Wolf Creek’.

The sophomore full-length feature by directors John V. Soto and Dee Kitcher has already won screaming hearts around the world, scoring the Golden Skull award at Los Angeles’ Screamfest, and Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Supporting Actress (for Jessica Marais) at the British Horror Film Festival.

Finally, ‘Needle’ is coming home to WA, opening in Perth cinemas on July 28 with plans to hit screens nationally later in the year. If you get jittery at the thought of a real-life, revenge-thirsty voodoo doll seeking vengeance on your university buddies, have a peak at the trailer here and tell me it doesn’t send a prickle through your arm-hairs. 


For special premiere screenings and more teasings of terror, head to the Needle website