‘On The Bright Side’: Digging in the dirt

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Due to all the wet mud about at last weekend’s ‘On The Bright Side’, we figured it an innovative idea to photograph pretty punters, clean faces and all, and juxtapose these with snaps of their dirty, dirty shoes. Footnote: our aim is not to drag these captioned shoe brands’ reputations through the mud but rather to acknowledge their, er, durability in even the slushiest of weather conditions.

Thomas Smythe


Shoes by Radii


Jarrod Maggs, Sarah Akers aka Twiggy + Daniel Woolton


He wears shoes by D&G; he wears All-Stars by Converse; she wears boots by Doc Marten.


Elle Campbell


Boots by Rossi


James Robinson


Shoes by Adidas


Jessica Anne Crowe + Kate Herman


Both wear shoes by Milano + Milano


Nicole Egan


Boots by Target


Luke S


Topsiders by Sperry


Jess Dawson


Shoes by Vans


Photography by Luke Barker and Janelle Celima.