Pantone adds some colour to your (physical) desktop

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Graphic aesthetes the world over celebrate the glorious simplicity and colour-perfect beauty of the Pantone brand. Far be it for art directors to be sick of the sight of one of their many colour charts after studying one for hours on end just to get the right shade for a client’s important creative. Rather, after all that searching, it appears when a designer spots a product containing a single Pantone hue – be it on a coffee mug, a mouse pad, or even a single swatch – they simply can’t contain their CMYK excitement.

Pantone has been making available a lovely range of notepads in primary colours for some time now, and these have been coveted by a similar minimalist shopper who might search for the latest perfect-bound line of Moleskines. Freshly added to the collection, like slick coats of fresh paint, are an array of vibrantly coloured pads to suit any desk. Available in A7 Reporter size, A6, 05, and new A4 Sketch Book, as appreciators of fine stationery ourselves, we ain’t going anywhere without our basic Cyan, Process Yellow, and Red 186C.

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